Koh Lanta

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Koh Lanta

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About Koh Lanta

Koh Lanta consists of a northern and a southern island. The northern, Lanta noi has no beaches and no infrastructure and is covered with a lot of mangrove vegetation, the southern, Lanta yai, however, has very beautiful sandy beaches with a large selection of bungalows and hotels on the west coast. Like pearls, the beaches of Klong Dao, Long Beach (Phra Ae), Klong Khong, Klong Nin, Klong Hin and some other small deserted beach coves in the far south follow the coastline. The main village Ban Saladan at the northern tip of the island has the pier for all the boats to Krabi, Koh Phi Phi. Koh Jum and the Trang islands. In Ban Saladan you can buy food, tickets, souvenirs, exchange and get money or eat in simple, but nice Thai and seafood restaurants. Taxi transportation to all places on the island as well as to the Krabi airport is organised from here.

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The beaches of Koh Lanta are quite long, clean and sandy and offer a great sunset environment at the end of many days throughout the year. Big casuarina trees offer shady places and some coconut palms grow to make the picture more beautiful. The water at some beaches is very shallow, so they are - particularly at Klong Dao Beach - very well suitable for little children. The Klong Khong Beach is a long, steep slopes with natural growing vegetation, unfortunately, shows many big and edgy rocks in the sea at low tide, what makes swimming difficult and disturb the view. The most beautiful beach is probably the Long Beach (or Phra Ae) with the best sand, lots of beach bars and corresponding beach romance and evening entertainment. The Klong Nin Beach is also beautiful, in the northern part, however, directly at the the street, that is fairly used by all kinds of traffic.

The backcountry southern Lanta yai is hilly and mountainous. The mountain range is still covered by tropical rain forest. Elephant trecking is offered at various spots to enter the forests of the national park on the back of the grey and friendly animals. If you are lucky, you can see or hear monkeys, pythons and cobras. The east coast has no beaches and the sea is very shallow, so the Thai people of Lanta grow rice and shrimps here. Another pier at Ban Koh Lanta is located on this side of the island. Its possible to visit the smaller islands, that lay on the eastern shore of Lanta yai. A very small island – Koh Booboo – has a simple resort to hideaway from everything.

The roads on Koh Lanta are now solid and paved and nearly completed down to a short rest in the south section.

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Almost all bungalow resorts offer day trips to several small islands around Lanta or the other nearby islands. Koh Lanta region has the best diving spots in southern Thailand. This, however, only in the winter season from November to April. In the rainy season, Koh Lanta is almost closed down due to heavy rains and the boat transportation is very irregular.

The people of Koh Lanta are almost all Muslims, like in southern Thailand. Accordingly, the daily life is influenced by this religion. Anyone who seeks peace and relaxation, still can find this on Koh Lanta. More and more beach resorts offer wellness and spa programs, and if you enjoy living on the beach from morning till nighttime, having fresh and inexpensive food and entertainment or just tropical beach romance with candle light and fire shows, Koh Lanta might be your place to go.




How to get there

Fly to Krabi (Airasia) and take a minibus for a three hours trip to Ban Saladan for about 350 Baht. The islands are connected with the mainland by ferry boats. Airasia offers combined tickets.
The other option is by boat.The express boat leaves from Chilad Pier in Krabi at 11 a.m. So you must take a very early flight from Bangkok to catch the boat. Busses connect the airport and Krabi town for 90 Baht.

Please find more informations about the boat schedules to Thailands islands here (PDF for free download).

Accomodation [links to r24.org*]

Many new bungalow resorts have opened their services in the last years, family owned and simple or more expensive and luxury ones. There are still very cheap resorts with fan or AC. It is not necessary to book in advance, since you may always find a suitable accommodation. But if you want something special, do not want to start searching at arrival and avoid the many young men, trying to sell you a room at the pier or the boats, then online booking is a clever option. Decide just for the beach, that you like and find a bungalow of your choice very easily. But if you like negotiating with the sellers, then you should come without a booking. About 1500-2500 Baht should be calculated for a tidy aircon room, and if you like more comfort and luxury spa-like facilities, prices up to 5000-7000 Baht must be paid. The best investment is certainly the most luxurious Rawi Warin Resort on Sri Lanta Klong Nin Beach, which has a beautiful beach too. We can recommend the Holiday Villa or the Andaman Lanta Resort at Klong Dao Beach and Lanta Sands Resort and Layana Resort at Long Beach and the luxury Pimalai Resort in southern Lanta.

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Good for: Travellers and tourists (with children), who like the exotic Thailand, searching for peaceful nature and silent days on the beach. Koh Lanta is not far from the southern islands of Trang province (Koh Ngai, Koh Mook, Koh Kradan) or Koh Jum in the north, and easy to reach from Krabi airport by Minibus.




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